Connect to Internet Via Another Server

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Connect to Internet Via Another Server

Post by xtdz32 » 2020/02/04 12:10:52

I have two servers, one on the cloud and the other in a data centre.

Both servers are interconnected via a VPN tunnel. I want the one in the Data centre to be able to access the internet via the one on the cloud.

Eg, Local Host IP is and cloud IP is,
i want .150 to be able get internet access via .102 so i can download updates etc.

How do i configure please

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Re: Connect to Internet Via Another Server

Post by jlehtone » 2020/02/04 13:18:36

xtdz32 wrote:
2020/02/04 12:10:52
interconnected via a VPN tunnel
Note: If two machines can talk to each other via a tunnel, then the endpoints of the tunnel must be able to communicate with each other via public network.
(In reality that public link is probably firewalled to allow only tunnels.)

You have machine A that can talk with machine B.
The machine B can connect out to entire Internet.

Tell A to use B as router for everything that has no better route.
Tell B to forward (aka route) and to masquerade outgoing traffic.

How to do those exactly? Depends on what you actually have, like how the VPN is set up, etc.

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