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TP-Link TL WN823N RTL8192EU

Post by lukasmaximus » 2020/01/21 22:27:59

I've recently set about removing Windows 7 from my brothers old PC, and have stuck Centos 8 on it.
It has no wifi card installed, hence I have purchased the above wifi dongle on the cheap without looking into it too much (it was advertised as compatible with Linux).

However, after installing Centos 8, the wifi dongle is loaded as a list of wifi networks are found when looking via network manager as well as via the GUI on desktop. But it will not connect to any network I try.

lsusb shows the device
lsmod shows the driver loaded

Difficult to get the logs off the machine as I have no internet connection to share with my other devices however, I can see in /var/log/messages that the connection is attempted 3 times, before authentication times out.
I then see:
'Activation: (wifi) association took too long, failing activation'
Followed by:
There are a few messages with every connection attempt stating:
'IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlp0s18f: link is not ready'

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this please?

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