Setting up Print Server w/CUPS on a VM

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Setting up Print Server w/CUPS on a VM

Post by zach.pennington » 2019/12/31 17:12:51

I just started playing with Linux a couple of weeks ago and my boss asked me to make a print server using CentOS and CUPS. I have a couple of quick questions if someone can help. I've got CUPS setup and online. I've installed Foomatic for the print drivers, and I've got two networked printers (that are already on the companies network) set up in CUPS. Each printer has a static IP address on the network, which is also the address I used to connect them to the CUPS server on my VM of CentOS 8.
Q1) Is using the static IP they were already set to also being the address to be used in CUPS a bad idea?
Q2) Will the CUPS server have any significant loss of function being on a VM?
Q3) I've set the printers to be shared from the Cups Server, and they can be seen on a Windows machine under Network, but the icons only take the user to the printer's admin web page, it doesn't actually share the functionality of the device.

Please help :/

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