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Re: BCM5709 drivers

Posted: 2019/12/26 21:26:09
by AmiT177
Decided to reinstall the system instead.
Thank you for your help!

Re: BCM5709 drivers

Posted: 2020/10/15 01:07:01
by flux
Just as an FYI to anyone else searching this issue, but I have HP BL460c G6's and G7's in c7000's with 14e4:1650 (NetXtreme II BCM57711E 10-Gigabit PCIe) devices.

While installing and after setting up Centos 8 I wasn't getting any network. Toracat over at elrepo pointed out the driver is still active so the simple fix was:

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modprobe bnx2x
After a restart I was going!
Actually I still needed to set up the cfg's in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/blahblah as having no network during install, these were not set up.

Thanks to the peeps on this thread for leading me down the right path :)

Note: Toracat already mentioned bnx2 in this thread, so just to be aware there is more than 1.

Thanks again Toracat :D

Re: BCM5709 drivers

Posted: 2022/04/29 08:05:12
by Milan Kerslager
dnf reinstall kernel-module
dnf reinstall kernel-core

The second line causes rebuild of initrams so needed modules go inside.