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Posted: 2019/10/24 07:04:44
by sles

As I can see quagga is not included in 8.
Only one I can find is bird in epel.
There are no alternatives?

Thank you!

Re: ospf?

Posted: 2019/11/05 13:39:30
by AndySZA
I found Bird as well.
It installed and ran and after changing the hello times back to default, I still can't get it to see my C7 quagga or Fortigate router.
My other routers just show Bird in INIT state.
The default nftables appears to allow everything in but that is something I still need to make certain of - still learning nftables.
I liked the look of FRRouting but can't find a RPM for C8.
I'm hoping someone else has some other ideas.
I got pointers from
I am pretty used to the Cisco-like interface of Quagga and would love to continue using it.

Re: ospf?

Posted: 2019/11/05 17:58:17
by TrevorH
RHEL 8.1 was released today and its release notes say that FRRouting is a new package. You'll need to wait for CentOS 8.1 to be at least available in the CR repo before you can use it which will probably be some weeks away ("some" meaning > 2 with no upper limit listed!).