new Nic adapater not showing any IPaddress

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new Nic adapater not showing any IPaddress

Post by greenf9x08 » 2023/11/02 11:35:23

i have virtual box latest version with Cento OS stream vs 9 on it
there is a old Nic with its Ip address (Bridged adapter network type)
i created a new Nic, same config, bridge adapter with dual wireless. enabled, of course.
i restarted, but the new adapter dont show any ip address is there a specific reason or should i edit the system connections in network manager or
in sysconfig network scripts should i add an new script for that nic with a static Ip address?
This what ifconfig shows after the setup of the new NIC and after restarting of the OS
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105829.png
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105829.png (197.54 KiB) Viewed 17696 times

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Re: new Nic adapater not showing any IPaddress

Post by jlehtone » 2023/11/02 20:23:27

First, the 'ipconfig' got a competitor with more features, 'ip', over two decades ago.
Even the 'ip' is now mainly for checking state, e.g. ip li, ip ad, and ip ro.

The default for setting up and managing network configuration is NetworkManager.service.
With it one can get the summary information:

Code: Select all

nmcli d s
nmcli c s
On default setup the NetworkManager (NM) will automatically generate a connection for each interface
and the connection will use DHCP to get config.

If you have not prevented that, then NM does not receive config from DHCP, i.e. from virtualbox or beyond.

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