Help Centos 8.2 doesn't detect the wifi card

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Help Centos 8.2 doesn't detect the wifi card

Post by titiger » 2020/09/15 10:12:20

Hi all,

I'm new in this Operating System ( and a little bit in linux ) and I need you knowledge and help. I have a new laptop with Centos 8.2. and I'm not able to configure it.

The laptop Wifi card is a Intel Wireless 9260AC

[root@localhost network-scripts]# nmcli dev status
enp59s0f1 ethernet conectado enp59s0f1
lo loopback sin gestión --
wlp0s20f3 wifi sin gestión --

I don't know how to configure it..can you help me? I have tried to configure it using the graphical mode, but I cant do it because it doesn't appear.. like if it would be installed.


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Re: Help Centos 8.2 doesn't detect the wifi card

Post by jlehtone » 2020/09/15 12:51:14

Usually (or that is my expectation) "doesn't detect" means that OS does not detect a device. At all.
You, however, have "wlp0s20f3" that could be a wifi?

lspci -nn shows devices. lspci -nnv lists kernel module/driver too.
Since you have "wlp0s20f3", you can ask:

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ethtool wlp0s20f3
ethtool -i wlp0s20f3
The wlp0s20f3 shows as "unmanaged", like the loopback.
AFAIK, one has to explicitly tell NetworkManager: "do not touch this" to get that.
Then again, I don't do wireless.

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