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Stream 9:ethernet connection after sleep

Posted: 2023/05/03 16:40:30
by Greenberry

My computers Ethernet connection dies and I am unable to reconnect after sleeping. I have to reboot manually to get the Ethernet connection back. I have a Gigabyte gaming x570 motherboard and are using the stream 9 CentOS. I have not had any similar problems in windows or Ubuntu, but the CentOS seems to work well otherwise.
I hope that someone can help me with this as I am new to this os.

Re: Stream 9:ethernet connection after sleep

Posted: 2023/05/03 18:08:26
by TrevorH
Check in your logs for any errors or things like kernel oopses that might explain this. If you find anything, you probably need to report the problem via the Stream bug reporting procedure listed on

Be aware that Stream is a beta test version of what will be coming in the next point release of RHEL so you may find bugs that are not currently known. IF you want a stable RHEL-but-not-RHEL then look at Rocky/Alma/OEL or even use RHEL itself using the free Developer subscription.

Also, check the output from lspci -nn | grep -i net for the network chipset that your card uses. The motherboard make/model doesn't really identify it unless someone can be bothered to go Google it, and read the specs on the manufacturer's website.