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Re: wireless Adapter

Posted: 2022/01/13 09:38:57
by beginner
hello All,

here is the error message :

Problème: requêtes conflictuelles
- rien de fournit kernel < 4.18.0-349.el8 rendu nécessaire par kmod-wl-4.18.0-348.el8.x86_64-
(essayez d’ajouter « --skip-broken » pour ignorer les paquets non installables ou « --nobest » pour ne pas utiliser seulement les meilleurs paquets candidats)

I let you translate, but this driver needs a downer version of kernel

I'm installing centos stream 8

Re: wireless Adapter

Posted: 2022/01/15 13:11:00
by beginner
Hello All,

At least, after installing Centos Stream 8, wireless works.

here is the link about the process I followed ... rs-fedora/

take care when you will install the two repository : rpmfusion free and rpmfusion non free, don't use the link on procedure but do a search on google. I found these 2 links : ... h.rpm.html

Actually, I'm working on wireless

Have FUN !

What a mess Centos Stream 9.........