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Re: New Laptop compatible with Centos 8.2

Posted: 2020/11/03 18:46:54
by javier1122
Thanks SecCon, seems that model is stable, unfortunately not easy to buy a "new" one, as Lenove replace that model with Lenovo T490s recently.

Warning: Lenovo Model T490s on sale actually on lenovo site suffers from overheating issues on Linux ... s-8stream/

It will be great to find an actual "on sale" device on official manufacturers that support CentOS 8 without any issues.


Re: New Laptop compatible with Centos 8.2

Posted: 2020/12/02 23:53:44
by desertcat
javier1122 wrote:
2020/10/30 21:59:56

I have read Centos WIKI tutorials for compatible laptops but all of them are very outdated (4-6 years old laptops).
I need a recommendation from the forum for a 100% compatible laptop of a well-known manufacturer like ASUS, Dell, Lenovo or Acer.

Mainly that the wifi driver is stable and works, and touchpad/trackpad also works by default. In general, all works stable.

It is really extremely complicate to find a compatible laptop, as manufacturers are launching ubuntu on them nowadays.
Even Redhat or fedora adds more drivers and do not move them to centos.

Any help is appreciated.

Lenovo as I recall bought IBM's computer division, and I think IBM called their laptops, "Think Pads" which then got the Lenovo branding. The second brand that I have some passing acquaintance with in passing is ASUS, to the extent I like their motherboards, but not one of their laptops. While it may be impossible to find, see if you can find a laptop that comes with an AMD Ryzen CPU, rather than Intel.

Re: New Laptop compatible with Centos 8.2

Posted: 2020/12/03 00:16:15
by KernelOops
Have you tried TUXEDO laptops? I'm not affiliated with them but I hope to buy one of their Ryzen laptops soon: