import iphone pics

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import iphone pics

Post by 1chip » 2020/08/18 19:16:43

When plugged in with usb my iphone shows up. Tried to install shotwell and it doesn't show up. I seem to be missing a lot of standard gnome software.

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Re: import iphone pics

Post by lightman47 » 2020/08/25 20:38:17

1. If you can't install shotwell you may hae av problem withe your system/installation

2. Doesn't matter - Apple has 'locked-down' your pics - shotwell will download zero-length files. I manually copy mine from the phone's DCIM folders - then run shotwell on the target directory.

Remember - importing/building packages will likely "byte you in the butt" come update time, long after you'd forgotten you did that! Use repos whenever possible.

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