WiFi card for HOST AP

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WiFi card for HOST AP

Post by zicherka » 2020/03/15 13:44:40

I am asking / asking for a WiFi card (a / b / g / n) preferably on the "old" PCI connector (32bit), which is supported by CentOS8 in the "HOST AP" mode.
The computer will work as a router with an access point. On the "deck" will be 2 "Intel 1000" 4x1Gb + LAN cards built into the board and the above mentioned WiFi cards. As a last resort there may be cards on PCIx - but then I will be forced to change the motherboard.
The current PC configuration:
MB: Asus H110M-C
CPU: i5 6500
HDD: 128GB SSD for system + 3 x 4GB as storage
Power: Chiftec 500W

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Re: WiFi card for HOST AP

Post by afewgoodman » 2020/03/17 08:40:24


I think it depends on whether CentOS 8 support device driver for your card or not.


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