Nvidia optimus support?

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Nvidia optimus support?

Post by plo1 » 2020/03/11 23:33:19

Been thinking about switching to CentOS from Fedora in my dev machine (XPS 15 5520) for stability. Can anyone confirm if Nvidia Optimus is working properly on their system using the driver from RPMFusion? I believe the equivalent of RPMFusion for CentOS is EPEL? In particular I'm wondering if Nvidia Optimus is supported via proprietary driver like on Fedora without resorting to Bumblebee. If not, is there a way to patch the xorg-x11-server package to get Optimus support?

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Re: Nvidia optimus support?

Post by TrevorH » 2020/03/12 07:58:14

EPEL doesn't do hardware support on CentOS. For that you want ELRepo and their kmod-nvidia but as far as I know, they recommend using bumblebee. The rpmfusion repo also has nvidia hardware support but using dkms and not the stable kernel ABI but I do not know if they have support for whatever optimus is either.
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