Installing CentOS 8 on Macmini A1347 crashes

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Installing CentOS 8 on Macmini A1347 crashes

Post by dotfile0 » 2020/02/20 13:47:16

Hi guys.

I'm trying to install latest CentOS 8 on my Mac Mini A1347 using a bootable USB stick with CentOS on it.
When starting the installation I'm asked to partition my harddrive and when I select the automatic partition options the installation crashes and reboots the machine (Goes so fast that I cannot see what error messages is displayed).
So when retrying but using a custom partition option same happens.

My goal is to just wipe the disc on the mac and use it for only CentOS.

Anyone got an idea on what to do ?

The CentOS installation detects to partitions on the machine:
sda ~400gb and an efi ~200mb partition

Thank you.

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Re: Installing CentOS 8 on Macmini A1347 crashes

Post by TrevorH » 2020/02/20 14:16:17

This might be a known problem if your disk currently contains an HFS+ filesystem. There is no support for HFS+ in the installer nor in the CentOS kernel and I think there is a bug that has it burp badly if one is present. It might be possible to bypass this by removing the filesystem but then you'd have a blank disk and the current contents would be gone and if it still crashes then ...
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Re: Installing CentOS 8 on Macmini A1347 crashes

Post by bonedome » 2020/02/23 09:38:30

one possible solution is to use a live os on a usb stick, and completely reformat the hdd including partition table.
I have done this before on a hdd from a playstation 3 which had a unique sony partition table/file system, I used gparted which comes as standard on puppy linux, the hdd now lives in an old laptop with fedora on it.
I think I used gpt and ext4, it was a while ago.
You'll have to do some searching for puppy, gparted and which table/fs you want to use.
This will totally wipe the hdd, you will almost certainly not be able to recover anything once it's been formatted, copy anything you want to keep to an external medium.

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Re: Installing CentOS 8 on Macmini A1347 crashes

Post by MattPie » 2020/02/24 17:37:03

Check out this thread, I found a work-around that seems to get past the installer bug. FWIW, I have two HDDs in mine and installing on the non-MacOS disk left MacOS functional if you use the mac bootloader (hold down Alt) to choose. I plan on wiping it out, but it's nice that it you can roll back if needed.
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