CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by pgreco » 2021/01/16 23:02:34

p3ck wrote:
2021/01/16 16:53:37
Would you be willing to change the cmdline.txt to use the PARTUUID? Then the image won't need any modification to work between sdcard vs usb.
Yeah, I need to find a way to do this dynamically, because I'm guessing that the prefix would change every time the image is created, but that would solve the problem. Thanks, I didn't know about PARTUUID

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by p3ck » 2021/01/18 22:49:10

This is a little rough. (no error checking.) But I figure you'll modify it for your scripts..

Code: Select all



kpartx="$(kpartx -av $image)"

read -d" " img_boot_dev img_swap_dev img_root_dev <<<$(grep -o 'loop.p.' <<<"$kpartx")
mkdir -p mnt/boot

PARTUUID=$(blkid -o export $img_root_dev | awk '/PARTUUID/ { print $1}')

mount -t vfat $img_boot_dev mnt/boot
sed -i "s/root=[^[:space:]]\+/root=$PARTUUID/" mnt/boot/cmdline.txt
umount mnt/boot
kpartx -d $image

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by pete123 » 2021/01/25 12:56:12

pgreco, thank you very much for all your work on Centos for RPi - I've been happily using 7 for a while and had been testing 8 in the latter part of last year. Will you be officially releasing Centos 8 for RPi now, or perhaps just stream? Just wondering if you're able to share any roadmap for it, given the Centos 8 announcement in December? Thanks in advance.

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by Rct_Tsoul » 2021/01/26 00:33:24

We need to ask this, does Raspberry Pi use Hamming code for error correcting like the x86-64 when equipped ....... if not then using the Pi for Linux is a lost cause because ANY single Bit error will cause a catastrophic failure when compiling....
A single Bit error can be caused by anything, magnetic fields from other electronics, your body, sun spots....

Windows has Hamming code style error correcting built into the OS that allow it to run trash code.... this is what made Windows the dominate user OS

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