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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by pgreco » 2020/09/05 01:11:05

ajayc123 wrote:
2020/09/03 14:27:12
pgreco wrote:
2020/07/29 23:38:36
I've been updating the rpi4/aarch64/c8stream image in the last few days. The link is the same that was posted a few days ago (https://people.centos.org/pgreco/CentOS ... Minimal-4/).

As always, userspace is stock c8, but the kernel is built in my servers, unsigned.
I'm trying to keep this kernels update with what we build for c7, so you could use this as a temporary repo https://people.centos.org/pgreco/rpi_aarch64_el8/

Pablo, thanks a lot for this. It works quite fine, and I did not face any issues so far (in my limited use). I am curious if you are planning to publish a version with gui (like gnome) in near future ?
Not really, at least until these become more official, but you could convert it basically by doing

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sudo dnf install NetworkManager-wifi @gnome-desktop @base-x
and maybe a few other things

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