CentOS + NVidia + HDMI and DP on HP Z2

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CentOS + NVidia + HDMI and DP on HP Z2

Post by brusuillis » 2020/01/28 16:35:06

Good evening and thank in advance for any help you may provide.
Here the (short as possible) story:

After using for almost 4 months a HP Z2 Mini with NVidia Quadro M620, connected to a Samsung UWQHD, at almost full resolution, I swapped it with an ASUS 38".

Everything stopped working, giving black screen as soon as I logged in KDE.
Tried reinstalling NVidia drivers without success, then decided to make a fresh install of CentOS 8.

Now, with Gnome only, this is the situation:
- if connected on ANY video output with DisplayPort, everything is fine, 3840x1600@75hz.
- if I connect ANY video output with HDMI, it blinks (or flicker..) at a fast rate, until I sign in. Then black screen (monitor show "NO SIGNAL")
- if I connect 1 output with DP and 1 with HDMI, both signal go through. But I cannot set the HDMI at 3840*1600, not even @30hz (consider that the same cables grant me this settings if used on a twin Z2 but with Windows10.. so cables are ok.. I think)

Any direction? I need to use it through HDMI...

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