Extremely slow USB access

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Extremely slow USB access

Post by le_jawa » 2020/01/03 20:09:50

I've installed CentOS 8 onto a Wyse 5060 thin client to a USB flash drive (again, thin client, no hard drive) to test running CentOS 8 on it. Everything about the USB is almost impossibly slow; so I tested flash drive access with dd. I used a variety of block size and flag settings and consistently got a transfer rate of about 40KB/s. Tests were performed using /dev/random as the "if" and a second flash drive as the "of".

I looked in dmesg and messages and found no errors: the system identifies the drive and loads the xhci_hcd driver.

Does anyone have an idea of what could cause such horrific speeds, or where I could look to further troubleshoot?

Thank you!

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