centos8 works on microserver gen8

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centos8 works on microserver gen8

Post by arnjan » 2019/11/24 18:21:07

Hi there
there is a way to install centos8 on this server. I used the 5th sata port with a ssd drive. Do not set the raid adapter to ahci, then you can not use the 5th sata ssd as a booting device! Before that I upgraded to the latest ROM from 4/l2019.

First booting from an usb-stick the installation I went through on the ssd disk installation with grub on the ssd. During rebooting I went to the F10 while booting into the "intelligent provisioning " menu and storage administration. There you will find the booting parameters and set the ssd on bootable as primary booting device.

After that I installed two hardrive in slot 3 and 4. The drives where found in centos8. The way to configure them as raid1 was through cockpit which has to be installed first or choose also headless configuration during the installation. There it works fine after 3 hours of syncronizing the drives.

After that go again into the F10 intelligent provisioning and mark the ssd as 1 primary booting device. The two drives are not present as raid devices only as logical devices. There is no need to configure them through raid menu, centos8 intself is managing the raid. Thats all!

Maybe this procedure will work also with Debian 10 Buster on Microserver Gen8. I read that proxmox6 is using this way also.

The installation of two ssd in slot 1 and 2 works with adapters I found on Amanzon. These Sata/6Gb ports are fast enough for raid1 and virtual machines running on KVM.

The upgrade to the latest kernel 5.3.12 through epel-releaae produces an issue with a missing mouse on Gnome Desktop. I went back to kernel 4.18 and only after deleting kernel 5.3 it works again.

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