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HDD sleeps randomly

Posted: 2019/11/08 21:28:55
by organicchemistry_01
I have a seagate 14TB disk that randomly sleeps, I have read from several sources that this damages the disk easier. How do I just configure my system to make the hdd sleep say after 20mins of inactivity?

Re: HDD sleeps randomly

Posted: 2019/11/09 13:15:40
by tunk
You could take a look at hdparm with the "-S" option.
Be careful, hdparm is a very powerful tool which may
damage your system if used incorrectly.

Re: HDD sleeps randomly

Posted: 2020/05/13 12:44:29
by organicchemistry_01
Thank you for the response, I was careful when using hdparm.

I discovered that this is not a CentOS 8 issue.

I tried it and its not working. Apparently, APM is disabled in my seagate hard drive. Further research revealed that, Seagate transitioned into a new Power Management called Extended Power Control or (EPC). Unfortunately, hdparm does not have access to EPC. The only choice was to download Seagates tool which is the SeaChest. Then issue the command:

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sudo ./SeaChest_PowerControl_1100_11923_64 -d /dev/sgX --EPCfeature disable
where X stands for your target drive as indicated from

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sudo ./SeaChest_Basics_280_11923_64 --scan
You should be in the Privileged status to issue those commands, else, nothing will happen.

Careful though cause those commands are also very dangerous.