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Switch Nouveau driver to Intel driver

Posted: 2019/10/24 12:01:58
by offshore
Dear Everybody

I have set-up a CentOS 8.0 dual system with ThinkPad P52 4K version using Xeon E-2176M & Intel UHD Graphics P630. Unfortunately, I can only use Nouveau driver which means only NVIDIA Quadro P2000 can work, but this is not power saving and every time when I boot to CentOS 8.0, I need set discrete Nvidia card in BIOS, so I want to know how to set-up only using Intel UHD Graphics P630 for display so in BIOS I can still using the hybrid setting.

Please anybody can give me some assistance with this display issue.

Re: Switch Nouveau driver to Intel driver

Posted: 2019/10/25 14:31:11
by lightman47
Sadly, CentOS 8 is so new that there's yet little 3rd party support. (I wonder how RHEL 8 people cope with this). In CentOS 7, there's kmod-nvidia & Bumblebee in various repos to automatically manage the cards for you and it's truly the way to go.

This is the first time I've jumped on a new release right out of the gate; I didn't get CentOS 7 til it had been out one or more years, so the support was already there. I'm seeing unofficial guesses of 8 months, a year, and others for the 3rd party vendors to catch up for CentOS 8. Fortunately, I only installed it on a couple spare machines so that I could play with it.