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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by kproche » 2021/11/05 20:48:47

mhs73 wrote:
2021/10/19 11:45:35
... due to lack of internet. When I connected over ethernet, RaPi4 catched the correct time again. - Still wifi is missing.
Yes, the broadcom chipsets on the rPi do not appear to be supported in the latest update. :(

However, I can report that a USB wifi b/g/n dongle using the Ralink 5370 chipset *is* recognized and works fine, even if it's only 2.4GHz and 150mps capacity.

I also added a real-time-clock module (DS3231) to mine to get rid of the system clock problem when there is no internet connectivity.

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by kproche » 2021/11/09 21:34:30

I discovered this week that converting from CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream restored the WIFI support for the onboard chipset!

A co-worker pointed me at this page: https://ostechnix.com/how-to-migrate-to ... s-linux-8/

The basic steps are fairly straightforward; start by making sure you're up to date:

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sudo dnf update
The following steps should be done as root or with sudo

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dnf install centos-release-stream
dnf swap centos-{linux,stream}-repos
dnf distro-sync
reboot again, and the wifi drivers for the new chipset are active.

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Re: CentOS - Raspberry PI 4

Post by mhs73 » 2021/11/19 20:19:39

Thanks, Kevin, for this hint. This is a clean solution.

I was a bit surprised, switching to CentOS Stream, because the Userland image has already been entitled "stream" as far as I remember. But it works. And I am sure now having switched to stream.

Thanks again

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