Can not seem to install on ESXi8

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Can not seem to install on ESXi8

Post by mattgothers » 2023/12/05 02:06:18

I've downloaded CentOS 9 Stream ( click on the x86_64 and it downloads an ISO image) and I upload that to my ESXi 8 datastore. Then i set up a new virtual machine (2 cpu, 4 gig ram, 50gb hard drive) and dell the "CD/DVD" to mount the ISO and select the uploaded image.
When i start the machine it says there is no media found.
I've tried re-downloading the CentOS 9 Stream. I've tried downloading it to a different computer. I tried grabbing CentOS 8 Stream, same thing.
Just to be sure the VM set up is ok, i mounted a Fedora ISO to the same VM guest and that loads up no problem. I tried on a different ESXi host and again same issues.
The ESXi version is 8.0 Update 2 (ESXi-8 OU2-22380479-standard)

Am i downloading the wrong ISO for CentOS ?
I've attached screen shots showing what i download, the mounted DVD in ESXi and what happens when I start the machine.
I'm lost...I"ve downloaded and installed Fedora, Red Hat server, Ubuntu, Slackware, OpenBSD and FreeBSD dozens of times and installed w/o issue in ESXi

I do have a Fedora VM running on this box with no issue. On the other ESXi i have an Ubuntu and a Palo Alto Networks FW running with no issue.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for any advice,
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Re: Can not seem to install on ESXi8

Post by tunk » 2023/12/06 13:26:32

Don't know what the problem is, but you may have
better luck with one of the RHEL rebuilds/clones
like Rocky, Alma or OEL. And I'm sure you know
that Stream is a rolling pre-release (aka. beta) of
the next RHEL point release.

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