System crash report observed in CentOS 8 stream

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System crash report observed in CentOS 8 stream

Post by abhishekkumark » 2022/09/09 07:24:24

I am using CentOS 8 stream for PTP synchronisation test using SYN1588 PCIe NIC card.
I have connected SYN1588 PCIe NIC card to PCIe x2 slot in the CentOS 8 stream.
SYN1588 device is detected when lspci command is executed. Also enp4s0 Ethernet interface is detected.

I am executing PTP4L application using SYN1588 NIC Ethernet interface. Immediately System reboots automatically. And below crash reports are observed.
/var/log/messages/Sep 9 12:06:26 localhost systemmd[1]: Started Daemon for power management
/var/log/messages/Sep 9 12:07:02 localhost fwupd[5981]: 06:37:02:0455 FuPluginpower failed to query power type
/var/log/messages/Sep 9 12:07:14 localhost systemmd[2430: Reached target shutdown

Could you please help me to solve this issue?
Also I want to know the root cause for this issue. Could you please share any debugging techniques if any?

Thanks and Regards,

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