CentOs doesn't start installing in VirtualBox.

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CentOs doesn't start installing in VirtualBox.

Post by almafa64 » 2021/02/17 17:40:15

So I tried to install CentOs in VirtualBox. I downloaded the dvd1.iso (and after it failed i tried the boot.iso) then started the vm.
When i clicked on the Install CentOs Linux 8 (or any other button) nothing happend just a blackscreen with a white line flashing.
using: 4 core, 4gb ram, 65gb storage.
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Re: CentOs doesn't start installing in VirtualBox.

Post by tunk » 2021/02/18 13:49:20

https://docs.centos.org/en-US/8-docs/st ... tallation/

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DVD1 ISO image file
A full installation program that contains the BaseOS and AppStream repositories and allows you 
to complete the installation without additional repositories. Installing CentOS from the DVD1 ISO 
is the easiest and the recommended method of performing a standard CentOS 8 installation.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you use the DVD1 ISO image file to install CentOS 8.

Boot ISO image file
The Boot ISO image is a minimal installation that requires access to the BaseOS and AppStream 
repositories to install software packages. The repositories are part of the DVD1 ISO image that is 
available for download from https://wiki.centos.org/Download. Download and unpack the DVD1 ISO 
image to access the repositories.
Did you generate a checksum and see if it's correct?
Have hardly used virtualbox, but I assume you have
attached the iso so that you can boot from it?

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Re: CentOs doesn't start installing in VirtualBox.

Post by TrevorH » 2021/02/18 14:17:54

Don't use the netinstall if you have the full dvd already.
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Info for USB installs on http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/InstallFromUSBkey
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