fstransform availalbe Centos 8?

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fstransform availalbe Centos 8?

Post by mjz » 2021/01/20 18:41:33

I want to transform an xfs filesystem to ext4 and read about fstransform.
I see it was available from Centos 7 epel - will it be available for Centos 8?

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Re: fstransform availalbe Centos 8?

Post by sml » 2021/01/20 19:57:07

TBH, I don't understand why. Simple package with only a couple of dependencies. Builds from Rawhide without any adjustments. Even --with man is not needed as it's taken care of in the specfile. Looks like nobody has filed a request in RHBZ yet. Uploaded here.
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Re: fstransform availalbe Centos 8?

Post by TrevorH » 2021/01/20 20:00:51

Though "without the need for backup" sounds like somewhat of an exaggeration.
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