centos-stream-8 netinstall

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centos-stream-8 netinstall

Post by frpatte » 2020/12/19 08:51:07


I desesperatly try to perform a netinstall but cannot find how to proceed:

1- I downloaded CentOS-Stream-8-x86_64-20201211-boot.iso

2- I read:
https://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/ ... all-guide/
3- I stop here: 2.8 CentOS 8 Installation Source
a- I do not get the same possibilities (no "autodetect install media", no "appstream" possibiity)
b- I can't find on the web where is the url to provide in order to make a netinstall

Thank you for helping!


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Re: centos-stream-8 netinstall

Post by sml » 2020/12/23 13:06:12

The URL is one of the CentOS mirrors. Choose one near you. It should have a directory 8-stream. You also may just try

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FYI, RHBZ#1910816.

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