New COS 8 install goes to 'sleep', won't wake-up at keypress

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New COS 8 install goes to 'sleep', won't wake-up at keypress

Post by RickNak » 2020/11/11 02:49:23

I have an older Dell Dimension E520 desktop that I was successfully running CentOS 7 on for a while. I decided to do a fresh install of version 8 the other day.

I currently log directly into the system for the moment, but today it was "asleep"/hibernating -- The monitor was black with a yellow power button. No mouse movent/clicks or keystrokes would wake the system.

While I was using my WIn 10 laptop at that desk, I realized the system had awoken, showing that Evolution had one alert. Before I could get the other keyboard in place, the blasted machine went back to sleep!

When this desktop was running the earlier version, this never happened. The only way I know to get logged in is to completely turn it off and then back on. Is there a setting I can change to prevent this from happening? What IS happening, anyway?

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