8.2.2004 boot, USB via rufus.? Repo URL for BaseOS install (&AppStream?)

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8.2.2004 boot, USB via rufus.? Repo URL for BaseOS install (&AppStream?)

Post by FortressGrump » 2020/11/05 03:29:47

Using closest mirror & rufus I booted HP Pavilion Lt 14-bf040 to attempt an install of CentOS8. Connected to WiFi easily!
Am unable to figure out what http, ftp, or (?) to list for the BaseOS & AppStream repositories on the first screen, am able to determine standard partitioning w/o LVM.
CentOS Docs indicates to download & UNPACK dvd1.iso (7.7GB) which was the reason I chose boot.iso option hoping I would have a chance to select what I desired to install to minimize Dl bandwidth & time. (Am unable to use a 2nd USB due to size/space constraints on this HP Lt, lacks an optical drive)
? Is there a simple way for a lay person, desiring to avoid M$win10 forced updates, to enter repo addresses w/o going through almost 8 gb?*?

About a year ago as I recall I accomplished a similar task using openSUSE that was fairly easy & painless, (USB drive used was <256MB) everything seemed automatic after I selected desired partitioning for multi-boot.

Desire an operational Desktop type install on this laptop (i3 71000 U, Intel HD 620 w/ 24GB DDR4 ) w/o any extras such as printing; then an install of WINEHQ (or best & latest stable that works w/ CentOS 8) so I can play an originally M$ based MMORPG {Wizard101} V/R DaH

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