PXE Kickstart installition is prompting for items provided in the kickstart

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PXE Kickstart installition is prompting for items provided in the kickstart

Post by dthacker9 » 2020/10/25 21:56:50

I built a Centos8 PXE server but I'm not getting my expected behavior. When the installation starts, it prompts me to select language and keyboard. Those items are in the kickstart. A few items are getting used (time zone, ethernet address) but most of them are not. This is my current kickstart file:

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ignoredisk --only-use=sda
autopart --type=lvm
# Partition clearing information
clearpart --none --initlabel
# Use graphical install
# Use CDROM installation media
# Keyboard layouts
keyboard --vckeymap=us --xlayouts='us'
# System language
lang en_US.UTF-8

# Network information
network  --bootproto=dhcp --device=ens192 --nameserver=, --ipv6=auto --activate
network  --hostname=rhcsa802.dthacker.lab
repo --name="AppStream" --baseurl=file:///run/install/repo/AppStream
# Root password
rootpw --iscrypted redacted
# X Window System configuration information
xconfig  --startxonboot
# Run the Setup Agent on first boot
firstboot --enable
# System services
services --enabled="chronyd"
# System timezone
timezone America/Chicago --isUtc
user --name=dthacker --password=redacted --iscrypted --gecos="dthacker"



%addon com_redhat_kdump --enable --reserve-mb='auto'


pwpolicy root --minlen=6 --minquality=1 --notstrict --nochanges --notempty
pwpolicy user --minlen=6 --minquality=1 --notstrict --nochanges --emptyok
pwpolicy luks --minlen=6 --minquality=1 --notstrict --nochanges --notempty
and this is the /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file :

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default menu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 300

menu title ########## PXE Boot Menu ##########

label 1
menu label ^1) Install CentOS 8 x64 with Local Repo
kernel centos8/vmlinuz
append initrd=centos8/initrd.img method= devfs=nomount

Here is the /mtp/anaconda.log,

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[root@localhost tmp]# cat anaconda.log 
10:13:21,008 INF dbus.connection: Connecting to a default bus at unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-e3yfhX3Lx5,guid=636c15f40a44369e43adb71e5f959610.
10:13:21,662 INF startup_utils: Waiting 600 sec for modules to be started.
10:13:22,696 INF startup_utils: Waiting 599 sec for modules to be started.
10:13:23,828 WRN kickstart: Command keyboard will be parsed in DBus module.
10:13:23,828 WRN kickstart: Command lang will be parsed in DBus module.
10:13:23,831 WRN kickstart: Command rootpw will be parsed in DBus module.
10:13:23,832 WRN kickstart: Command timezone will be parsed in DBus module.
10:13:24,160 DBG localization: setting locale to: en_US.UTF-8
10:13:30,035 DBG ui.gui: Detected primary monitor: 1280x768 95dpix 96dpiy
10:13:30,202 DBG ui.gui.hubs: incomplete spokes: [EULASpoke]
10:13:30,203 ERR ui.gui.hubs: Initialization controller for hub InitialSetupMainHub expected but missing.
10:13:30,207 DBG ui.gui.hubs: Starting event loop for hub InitialSetupMainHub
10:13:30,748 DBG ui.common: Entered hub: InitialSetupMainHub
10:13:30,761 WRN misc: /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/gi/overrides/Gdk.py:336: DeprecationWarning: Gdk.Cursor.new is deprecated
  return cls.new(*args, **kwds)

10:17:46,663 DBG ui.common: Entered spoke: EULASpoke
10:17:53,230 DBG ui.common: Left spoke: EULASpoke
10:17:53,233 DBG ui.gui.hubs: incomplete spokes: []
10:17:57,238 INF progress: Executing ADDON_placeholder addon
10:17:57,239 WRN addons: Addon ADDON_placeholder doesn't have execute method!
What might be causing the missing kickstart items?

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Re: PXE Kickstart installition is prompting for items provided in the kickstart

Post by pjwelsh » 2020/10/28 15:51:29

You don't actually mention the kickstart file in the PXE setup. In /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default you will (at least) want to add to the append line like:

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append initrd=centos8/initrd.img method= devfs=nomount ks=

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