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Default DE for every user.

Post by Nicram » 2020/10/15 16:12:27

Can anyone help me with changing default DE in CentOS 8?
By default it try to use "Standard (X11 display server) on Xorg. But it means only Gnome3 that i just find usable, efficient and nice.
I would like to change for every user in the OS (i use it for testing, and i create users for me now and then) default DE into xfce for example, or lxde, or anything.
I tried with /etc/sysconfig/desktop file (there was no file like that so i created it) with DESKTOP="xfce" inside, but it didn't work.
Is there any option for that?
For now i just removed /usr/share/xsessions/g*.desktop files, but maybe there is some option that i do not know.
Thanks for any help!
CentOS Lover

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