making systemd hadoop service on centos 8

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making systemd hadoop service on centos 8

Post by gladiator67 » 2020/10/02 04:37:48

I install hadoop 3.3 on centos 8. The namenode formatting, dfs and yarn executing are all successful. I generate hadoop script file on $HADOOP_HOME/sbin

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start() {

stop() {

case $1 in
    start|stop) "$1" ;;

exit 0
When I execute manually, all processes are generated correctly

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# start
Starting namenodes on [localhost]
Starting datanodes
Starting secondary namenodes [localhost.localdomain]
Starting resourcemanager
Starting nodemanagers
# jps
10706 NameNode
11683 ResourceManager
10904 DataNode
12330 Jps
11323 SecondaryNameNode
11884 NodeManager
And I try to make systemd hadoop service like below, but it fails.

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# cd /usr/lib/systemd/system
# vi hadoop.service

Description=Hadoop 3.3.0 Service



ExecStart=/usr/local/hadoop/sbin/ start
ExecStop=/usr/local/hadoop/sbin/ stop



# systemctl enable hadoop
# systemctl start hadoop
The starting hadoop service show no errors but generate no process at all.

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# jps
I can not find any mistakes, any comments will be thankful. Best regards

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