DHCPD updating Windows Server DNS server

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DHCPD updating Windows Server DNS server

Post by sunnyg » 2020/09/14 20:55:07

Hello Experts.

I am fairly new at this so please forgive me.
I am running a home lab with a Windows Sever Domain, I am in the process of moving some of the features over to old laptops that I am no longer using, as such I am opting to move my DHCP server over to centOS.

In a test environment I have created my Windows Domain Controller, and successfully configured CentOS 8 to act as a DHCP server using DHCPD.

The issue I am running into is that my Windows DNS server is not populating with any of the clients IP addresses that DHCPD is issusing.

I tbelieve that I have something missing in my configuration but cannot figure out what it is.

My dhcpd.conf file contains the following

Code: Select all

option domain-name "ghataura.local";
option domain-name-servers dmc.ghataura.local;
ddns-update-style interim;
allow client-updates;

default-lease-time 60;
max-lease-time 60;

subnet netmask {
        range dynamic-bootp;
        option broadcast-address;
        option routers;
        one-lease-per-client on;
any assist on determining what I have missing would be much appricaiated.


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Re: DHCPD updating Windows Server DNS server

Post by pjsr2 » 2020/09/15 07:41:50

For security reasons, a DNS server does not accept updates just from anybody. Therefor, you need to configure some security token that is shared between the dns server and the dhcp server. This is missing from the config you are showing.

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Re: DHCPD updating Windows Server DNS server

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/15 10:22:15

I'm not even sure that Windows DNS servers can be updated from Linux. For bind servers you can use nsupdate (which is presumably what dhcpd uses under the covers).
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Re: DHCPD updating Windows Server DNS server

Post by jlehtone » 2020/09/15 12:58:22

With dnsmasq one can have single process that acts (optionally) as DHCP, DNS, and TFTP.
Not as fancy as dhcpd and bind nor distributed.

Searching with "nsupdate Windows DNS servers" it seems that Windows might talk nsupdate.

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