Can't boot after grub and kernel last update

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Can't boot after grub and kernel last update

Post by Suranovi » 2020/07/30 15:36:32

I have installed a Centos 8.2 on an headless PC i use as a multi-purpose server (nextcloud, dhcp, dns, etc...). It's based on a basic installation with no desktop environnment. The system boots on UEFI and is installed on an NVME SSD.

This morning i saw that there was a kernel and grub2 update, so i updated it. Now i can't boot it anymore, i'm stuck at BIOS screen, not even on grub error.

I have tried to boot on my Centos USB and reach my system via the troubleshooting option. I can get my system and browse it with a chroot.

However i can't restore it to a functionnal state. I have tried some tutorials on reinstalling grub2 without success because i have no network access.

The vmlinuz i see in my /boot are:

Any leads to help me resolve this ?


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Re: Can't boot after grub and kernel last update

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/30 15:39:06


Continue discussion there please so it's all in one place.
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