Building spirv-tools occurs error

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Building spirv-tools occurs error

Post by yamamoto » 2020/07/30 09:05:12

Dear all,

The newest rpm source of spirv-tools at AppStream spirv-tools-2019.5-1.20200129.git97f1d48.el8.src.rpm
cannot be rebuilt with "rpmbuild --rebuild" due to errors. It says as follows:

../source/assembly_grammar.cpp:90:22: error: 'SpvOpCooperativeMatrixLengthNV' was not declared in this scope
#define CASE(NAME) { SpvOp##NAME, #NAME }
../source/assembly_grammar.cpp:157:5: note: in expansion of macro 'CASE'
../source/assembly_grammar.cpp:161:18: error: static assertion failed: OpSpecConstantOp opcode table is incomplete
static_assert(60 == sizeof(kOpSpecConstantOpcodes)/sizeof(kOpSpecConstantOpcodes[0]),

Could anyone fix these problems ?


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