Software Support Section for CentOS 8

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Software Support Section for CentOS 8

Post by howard2782 » 2020/07/29 02:01:30

Will there be a separate section for software questions or is CentOS 8 still too new.

I want to install Kmymoney but repositories are missing components.


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Re: Software Support Section for CentOS 8

Post by jlehtone » 2020/07/29 08:05:34

howard2782 wrote:
2020/07/29 02:01:30
repositories are missing components
If, by "repos" you mean the base repositories, then changes are unlikely unless you convince Red Hat to add stuff to RHEL 8.
If you mean third party repositories, then you should contact their maintainers.

Are those "components" about KDE? Frankly, I have not paid any attention to KDE.

Amount of sections is an arbitrary balance between too much in one section and too many in wrong sections.
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Re: Software Support Section for CentOS 8

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/29 09:58:37

We decided not to bother with a separate software questions forum for CentOS 8 as it overlaps with the others.
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