GPU Passthrough

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GPU Passthrough

Post by LinuxLand » 2020/07/21 11:15:12

I've got a Quadro M2000 card as a secondary in a machine. I want to pass it to a kvm based VM. This worked in version 7. I tried the instructions here: ... p=kvm&f=12

and here ... device-gpu (I couldn't find anything on redhat about centos 8 that did this)

I'd be hard pressed to believe it's not possible any more on 8.

More details: I'm using RHEL 8 but that shouldn't be a factor here, is it? I have a quadro k620 as a primary graphics card. I've delisted the card in grub config and tried purely the "7" way to do this. That gets me a vm that boots to a black screen and no video output to a monitor. I tried the centos 8 way to do this and the machine only hangs when I boot the vm. I think the centos 8 method in the link above is for a vGPU method? Can anyone point out what I'm missing? Is there a set of instructions for RHEL 8 somewhere?


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