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LVM-Thin not mounting after reboot

Posted: 2020/07/08 19:27:18
by veehexx
i've recently reconfigured my storage on home server. from 2disk mdadm unencrypted raid1 with LVM thick, to 3 disk mdadm encrypted raid5 (with saved Passphrase), and LVM-thin on top.

every time i reboot, the LVM-Thin partitions are not available. the boot up process times out and i get dropped into the maintenance prompt to manually fix.
I've found that commenting out the LVM-Thin partitions in fstab allows me to fully boot (ctrl+D from maintenance), which i can then manually run 'lvs' and then i can uncomment fstab and mount the partitions.

iirc, cockpit is reporting the thin pool is active but the actual thin partitions remain in a deactivated state. Server is currently in use so cant reboot to check & be 100%

what would be causing LVM to fail like this? fwiw the entire storage config was done via cockpit