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password policy

Posted: 2020/06/30 14:32:11
by sharingan
Hi experts

while i was trying to change password policy in system-auth

found below lines

password requisite try_first_pass local_users_only retry=3 authtok_type=

Password sufficient sha512 shadow nullok try_first_pass use_authtok

password required

can you please help me with below queries

1) which line i need to edit and why ?

2) To include one special character and a upper case what i need to change .

3) pwquality is it the library file ?

Re: password policy

Posted: 2020/06/30 14:34:31
by TrevorH
man pam_pwquality might help

Re: password policy

Posted: 2020/06/30 15:47:40
by sharingan
Thanks , checking for all pam cases (pam_unix , pam_sufficient) in man page .
Just a query remain here how it works without library files