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RDP centos to windows

Posted: 2020/06/29 10:50:41
by stum74
Please help me with the problem.
Installed: Centos8, Gmone
I use RDP client (Vinagre, freerdp) to connect from Centos to the Win server.
If I use Linux user, then I can not connect to the remote Win server
If I use Linus administrator, then I can connect to a remote Win server.
What permissions on linux do i need to give the user so that he can connect?

And one more question, is Centos8 suitable for use on a users PS or is it better to use another LinuxOS?

Re: RDP centos to windows

Posted: 2020/06/29 22:15:27
by gerry666uk
This doesn't sound right, with freerdp, the linux user should not need to be an administrator.
Are you logging out of the GUI user session, then starting a new admin GUI session to test it?
If so, it could be that the two sesions are set up differently.