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Mounting NTFS Hard Drive

Posted: 2020/06/29 00:25:35
by Joe Knox
I want Centos 8 to permanently mount my second hard drive which is formatted as NTFS. Can somebody tell me how that's done?

Re: Mounting NTFS Hard Drive

Posted: 2020/06/29 02:02:00
by TrevorH
You'll need to yum install epel-release to gain access to the third party yum repo, EPEL. Then yum install ntfs-3g and now you can mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/whatever /somewhere. You can also add an entry to /etc/fstab but if you do this, make sure you run mount -a after making your modification and before rebooting as it will tell you if it is correct or not. Don't reboot until it is. If this disk might not be available at boot time then make sure you add the option 'nofail' to the mount options in fstab.