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power management and wifi issues

Posted: 2020/06/25 19:27:13
by gurutech
So I have an older HP Touchsmart Tx2 laptop, finally got touchscreen working, but having a couple issues with power management and wifi. Not sure if they are related.

The first issue is that when I close the lid, the laptop goes to sleep as expected, but when I open the lid back up, whether it's the next day or 5 mins later, the screen comes back with a solid cursor in the top left corner (not even flashing), and I have to hard boot the laptop. Once it boots back up, I can login and then I see that my wifi is not connecting, which leads to the second issue...

Second issue is that whenever I boot up, Wifi is not automatically reconnecting to my hidden network, even though I have the system set to do this. I have to manually open the wifi settings, then choose to connect to a hidden network, where I can choose my saved network and from there everything works fine (depsite having to connect to 2.4g instead of 5g, but that's a hardware limitation, nothing with Centos!)

Any ideas on what to check and how to fix?