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So fouled up I don't know where to begin - Centos 8 boot hung

Posted: 2020/06/23 02:45:44
by dutch_uncle
Noob problem, as will be obvious in a sentence or two. Previously I was successful in installing Centos 8 on an old Dell desktop. I attempted to expand my root partition (full) using gparted. Apparently successful except that I may have added a second swap partition. Anyone's guess at this point :)

Stupid here keep putting off the image backups. I "think" the system may be restored by correcting the discrepancy between the /etc/fstab file and the disk list. At this point, even the rescue boot appears to hang over the Gnome load. I see part of a screen wallpaper, and the cursor is frozen on a process cycle.

Does anyone need a challenge?