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GDM crashes after install cuda 11

Posted: 2020/06/22 16:44:25
by tkuraku
I have a fresh install of centos 8, updated and enabled epel and power tools. Then I installed the latest cuda version from the official site. ... rpmnetwork

When I restart after I install cuda GDM crashes with the "oops a problem has occurred screen". If I boot up in multiuser mode everything works as expected. I can even run "startx" and get to the desktop just fine. I uncommented the line "WaylandEnable=false" in /etc/gdm/custom.conf with no change. Can someone please help me get GDM to not crash so I can login to my workstation normally?

Re: GDM crashes after install cuda 11

Posted: 2020/07/13 23:22:20
by tkuraku
This is related to selinux. A work around is to put selinux in permissive mode. I have filed a bug with upsream as this also affects RHEL.