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Cockpit install vm centos 8?

Posted: 2020/06/07 22:55:23
by rgoldman
So I'm new to Cockpit and relatively new to KVM. But when you create a new vm in cockpit, you can't select Cent OS 8, what should I use for this?


Re: Cockpit install vm centos 8 ?

Posted: 2020/06/08 13:37:16
by MartinR
Typically you need to download the CentOS8 ISO (from ... 4-dvd1.iso) to somewhere on your computer. When you try to create a VM from cockpit, select "Local Install Media" for the "Installation Source Type", then put the full path to the ISO you downloaded in as the "Installation Source".

Re: Cockpit install vm centos 8 ?

Posted: 2020/06/09 00:33:40
by rgoldman
Understand that no problem. But at the bottom it asks for OS vendor or name. I selected Linux/cent os and there is a 7 and 6 option but not 8.

I posted another thread where I’m having reboot/shutdown issues and I’m wondering if this is related, I just chose “unspecified”.

But either way I can’t use it if it won’t allow the VMs to shutdown/reboot properly. Is KVM still being developed?

Re: Cockpit install vm centos 8 ?

Posted: 2020/06/09 09:40:25
by MartinR
In the past most of my installs have been by virtmanager, or else off the command line. I've just done the following:
  • Downloaded the latest ISO
  • Run Create VM changing:
    • Name to "Test"
    • Installation source to "/virt/ISOs/CentOS-8.1.1911-x86_64-dvd1.iso"
    • Size to 20 GiB
    • Memory to 4 GiB
    and leave the Vendor & OS fields alone as "unspecified"
  • Install and allow it to run as far as the "Welcome to CentOS Linux 8" screen
  • Quit and delete the instance since I already have a C8 VM.