Centos 8 - Mount problems

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Centos 8 - Mount problems

Post by mhv » 2020/05/14 12:04:33


I run centos on my servers.
And have some trouble setting up a new server.

I'm installing a new centos8 server.
Server IP:

I have 2 discs to mount:
Backup located at
Sftp which is at

When I mount Backup I'm fine:
mount // / mnt / Backup -o username = xxxxxx, password = yyyyyy

But when I want to mount Sftp it goes wrong
mount // / mnt / Sftp -o username = xxxxxx, password = yyyyyy
mount: / mnt / Sftp: mount (2) system call failed: Operation not supported.

I have a centos7 server where I do the same without problems.

Don't know if it may be a policy that makes it fail as the Sftp server is not on the same IP segment?

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