Still Kicking Tires: Mouse Freezes

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Still Kicking Tires: Mouse Freezes

Post by desertcat » 2020/02/09 05:14:51

Having installed the "boot.iso" I went and ordered some DL DVD's which arrived today. With my brand new spiffy "Verbatim DVD+R DL" DVD's I burned me a copy of DVD1.iso and then purged my drive of the version I set up with the boot.iso.

During package installation the first thing I noted was that you can pick only *1* type of install rather than packages from other offered formats, if you do the installer complains and won't allow you to go forward. OK I could live with that as I could always go with the tried and true yum grouplist and yum groupinstall "Name-of-Group" to fill in packages and groups that I want to install later on. I chose to install the "Workstation" package.

The install was just as I remember, and rather painless, with the exception as noted above. Unlike the boot.iso, I did not have to try install GNOME and then have to figure out how to enable it, rather than rely on startx. This time I was taken directly to the GNOME GUI DE after I logged in. No messing around. My happy dance was suddenly interrupted just as soon as I clicked on the terminal; suddenly the mouse stuttered and DIED!! did the keyboard. No amount of attempted resuscitation could bring my poor mouse to life... nor keyboard. The mouse was FROZEN in place as was the keyboard -- FROZEN II !! There seems to be a bug somewhere, this *may* be a kernel bug, which may be fixed in subsequent kernel releases, before 8.2 comes out.

CONCLUSION: 8.1 still has a lot of bugs in it, and I can only imagine what 8.0 was like (shudder), but I suspect that -- as was the case with CentOS 7.2 -- 8.2 should have most of the MAJOR kinks worked out, most of the most commonly used software integrated. With luck many of the more popular DE such as KDE, Cinnamon, and Xfce will have made it into the repos by then.

In regards to KDE, it is hoped that the version that makes it into the repos remains KDE 4.x, and not KDE 5.x. KDE 5 holds many promises but as of KDE 5.18 (!!) they still had over 4 pages of BUGS, some of them MAJOR BUGS. By KDE 5.6 at the latest, KDE 5 should have started to harden into a rock stable DE, rather they are now at 5.18 and they are still stomping out major bugs. Features present in KDE 4.5 and beyond are still absent in KDE 5. Rather than build upon the hard won knowledge base obtained in KDE 4, they have ripped things down to the ground and started over. They are still trying to force feed the idea of "Activities" to the user base, which was roundly rejected in KDE 4 when it was first introduced. KDE is far more complex than it aught to be, which can be seen in the some 4 pages of BUG reports still present in KDE 5.18. There is still no official YouTube videos that have been released, and the few that have been are "Reviews" that, if you are lucky, may spend 1 minute going over some feature before moving on, rather than a step-by-step set of instructions on HOW to USE some feature.

While I was kind of miffed -- OK down right ANGRY -- when Red Hat decided it would no longer support KDE, and it would henceforth be available via repo, as I have since discovered Red Hat is not the only distro to stop supporting KDE. Linux Mint a BEGINNERS Linux based upon Ubuntu and who routinely released a KDE spin of Linux Mint, has also stopped offering KDE, but rather *has* started to offer CINNAMON as a replacement for KDE. Cinnamon is very KDE-like but it is no KDE. The happy middle ground is for the repo to still offer KDE 4.x (currently 4.14) for the large number of users who still love KDE.

FINAL WORD: CentOS 8.1 is probably a major leap forward over 8.0, but for those seriously considering migrating to CentOS 8, I'd wait until 8.2, and until the major repos have DE other than GNOME , such as CINNAMON, MATE, KDE, etc., and display managers other than gdm, such as lightdm, sddm, and others. At the very least lightdm. I still plan to check in on CentOS 8.1 and beyond every now and then, but for the time being, I'll pass (at least until the breath of God restores by Mouse [and Keyboard] back to life)!

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