Can't run a container when using --init

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Can't run a container when using --init

Post by Robinsg » 2020/01/24 10:17:59


I'm using podman 1.4.2-stable2 on CentOS 8.1.1911 (Core).

I'm trying to run a container which requires the --init parameter on the podman run command. I get an error saying:

Error: container-init binary not found on the host: stat /usr/libexec/podman/catatonit: no such file or directory

According to what I can see on the web this package, catatonit, is not available on many of the most popular distros.

Is there an alternative or workaround for this?


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Re: Can't run a container when using --init

Post by aks » 2020/01/24 17:02:55

From memory, --init set the init to tini ( - which is an init for containers.
Given RH stopped supporting docker and replaced it with podman and cousins (anybody know why, I mean really, the "no more big binaries" doesn't hold water - look at systemd), perhaps podman doesn't support that?

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Re: Can't run a container when using --init

Post by summitflier » 2020/01/24 20:42:23

This does seem to work when catatonit (part of Moby) is installed.
Perhaps there will be a standalone version of catatonit in the future.

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