MBR or GPT for bootable USB?

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MBR or GPT for bootable USB?

Post by richard0907 » 2020/01/14 15:12:26

Should I make MBR or GPT for bootable USB for the installation of centOS 8?
Does it depend on the partitioning type that my existing Windows is?
Will it make serious error during installation if the USB is wrong partitioning type?
Want to make some fundamental concepts clear. Thanks a lot.

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Re: MBR or GPT for bootable USB?

Post by jlehtone » 2020/01/15 08:59:19

How are you going to make the "bootable USB"?

AFAIK, one can simply dd the ISO to USB. (The ISO includes partition table, etc.)
In fact any but raw, unmodified writes lead to trouble.

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Re: MBR or GPT for bootable USB?

Post by hunter86_bg » 2020/01/15 09:42:44

If you use 'dd ' of CentOS 7/8 DVD it will be both bootable in Legacy and UEFI modes.

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