Each boot creates duplicate UEFI entry

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Each boot creates duplicate UEFI entry

Post by phalange » 2020/01/12 22:39:44

The issue is that every time I boot or restart the machine, a new entry is added to the list of bootable partitions. This escalates without end. Deleting the duplicates (saving only the original Centos entry created during install) using efibootmgr is what I do, but it doesn't stop the duplication. To be clear, this is NOT the Grub menu entries that are duplicated. It is the NVRAM entries that are visible to the UEFI/BIOS.

This behavior is unique to Centos. It was present in 7 and is now present in 8. It occurs immediately after install, regardless of install type (workstation, server, etc). It also makes no difference that the installation drive is wiped each time.

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Re: Each boot creates duplicate UEFI entry

Post by alamahant » 2020/01/13 14:24:37

Can you please post the output of

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efibootmgr -v

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Re: Each boot creates duplicate UEFI entry

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2020/01/15 20:06:20

I'm making a RHEL Bugzilla report on this, I'm seeing it in RHEL 8.1 as well.


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